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rodent prevention for sewage pipes



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This product is used to prevent rodents entering a building via the drainage system.
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These recycled polypropylene bait stations with locakable tops are perfect to use with our Rodenticide range.
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A more traditional way of removing rodents is a snap trap, we offer two versions in the range depending on size of the rodent.
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These baits will help remove the rodent and work well when combined with our bait stations and snap traps.
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rodent prevention for Vents



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The Preventavent range is designed to cover airbricks and other entrance points in to a building. We can supply in a robust plastic design in three sizes and also an aluminium version.
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rodent prevention Wraps and Spikes



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Rodents are adept at finding ways into a building, the items in the Repelarat range help stop infestation via downpipes.
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Your affordable pest control supplier, manufacturing essential quality products here in the UK


We are proud to manufacture our rodent prevention products here in the UK, at our site in Hereford. We source from UK suppliers to make affordable, yet high quality, products for the pest control industry.

Easy to install

Our pest prevention products have been designed for easy installation and can be removed hassle-free for maintenance. Installation guides are available for each our products.

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Solid Construction

All of our products, in our rodent prevention range, have gone through rigorous checks to ensure they meet our high standards and the standards of those in the pest control industry.

Rodent Prevention

Hamelin Pest provides a range of products to prevent rat infestation. Our Ratblocker is designed to stop rats using the sewerage system to enter buildings. The Preventavent airbrick covers are designed to fit over standard-sized airbricks stopping the ingress at both floor level and roof level. Our Repelarat range has been designed to stop rodents from climbing up the inside and outside of downpipes. 

Rodent Prevention Products

Rodent Prevention Ideal to stop Mice and Rats

What our customers say about Hamelin pest

Ratblocker single flap
Hamelin Rat BlockerAfter using many types of the available rat one-way devices on the market, this 4in rat blocker is my go-to, it covers a wide variety of pipe situations (materials used/odd diameter/outflow design) it is well made and a reasonable price..

Luke Taylor

LK Pestaway

Ratblocker from Hamelin pest

Have been using this company for a while now. Excellent customer service, prompt dispatch, and a good quality product at a realistic price. 

Graham Selleck

Sabre Environmental Pest Controllers

Repelarat Range round

We have been working with the Hamelin team since they first came to market and have been very satisfied with the quality, performance, and price of their rodent control systems.

Justin Holloway


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