Hamelin Ratblocker Double Flap 6″ / 150mm

Hamelin Ratblocker Double Flap 6″ / 150mm

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If you have vermin in your drains, you need to eliminate their means of entry into your property by means of a Hamelin Ratblocker, installed in minutes.

The Hamelin Double Flap Ratblocker in 6″ / 150mm is a robust device which securely fits inside your drain, enabling rodents to escape but not re-enter thanks to the ingenious one way flap construction.

Made from 2mm thick stainless steel grade 304-2B
Signature hinge system maximises drainage space whilst giving rodents no entry to the property through the drainage system
Double flaps provide additional protection against rodent ingress, as the flaps each move independently to impede entry
Multidirectional application – can be installed in either outlet or inlet position with pre-drilled holes for M10 bolt (supplied)
Adjustable corner points for optimum fit and grip inside the drain, lessening the chances of a blockage.
For deeper or inaccessible installations simply attach a fitting pole to the bolt.
Simple installation and minimal maintenance required, all fixings required are included.

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